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Bitburger Festbier 6 pack 12 oz.
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Bitburger Festbier

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6 pack 12 oz.

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Category Marzen and Oktoberfest
Origin Germany
Brand Bitburger
Alcohol/vol 6.2%
A German style Festbier - tasty, full-bodied and delicately malty-mild. Created by our brewmasters to enjoy the traditional German beer festival atmosphere. A very special malt composition, including Pilsner Malt, Münchner Malt and light Caramel Malt, accounts for its fine color and smooth body. Additionally, the beer is refined with Bitburger's proprietary and unique hop blend called 'Siegelhopfen' (seal hops), which is sourced from a farm just a few minutes from the brewery. This drinkable 6.2% ABV full-bodied beer is the perfect marriage of hops and malt with a slightly sweet backbone, while finishing dry. Bitburger Festbier has a clear amber color that reminds one of the first days of autumn. It pours with an inviting, foamy white head. An intriguing spicy aroma-mix of slightly roasted bread and fruit cake with hints of caramel. A crisp and full-bodied mouthfeel brings out a variety of malty flavors like roasted nuts and bread with a well-balanced sweetness of raisins and dried fruits. It finishes with a light, yet lingering bitterness that is not overwhelming and plays well with the perceptible higher alcohol. A true example of the style that will pair perfectly with roasted turkey, strong cheese or grilled sausage.
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  • ba85

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