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Michelob Lager 6 pack 12 oz. Bottle
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Michelob Lager

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6 pack 12 oz. Bottle

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Category Lager
Origin United States, Missouri
Brand Michelob
Alcohol/vol 5%
Michelob Original Lager is a malty, full-bodied European-style premium lager. From its inception to today, it stands out as a distinctive, high-quality beer for connoisseurs. Our Original Lager is brewed traditionally, using European noble aroma hop varieties and a 100-percent-malt blend of the finest two-row and caramel malts. It is fermented and aged with our classic lager yeast strain, and cold-matured for balanced crispness. This beer pairs well with red and yellow tomatoes, mozzarella and anchovies drizzled with balsamic vinegar, mesquite barbecue chicken breast, and cracked pepper strip steak.
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  • we85

Clear golden in color, pours with a significant white head that dissipates rather quickly. Very low intensity nose with soft hints of grass, soap and watermelon rind. The mouth is light but round with hints of bread leading into a finish full of strong lemony hop flavor. Brisk and clean, this is an easy drinker and thirst quencher for those hot days spent outdoors.

July 1, 2009

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