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Agua Luca Cachaca
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Agua Luca Cachaca

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Category Cachaca
Region Brazil
Brand Agua Luca
Alcohol/vol 0.4%
Proof 80.00
Agua Luca is an ultra-premium, sugar cane-based rum from Brazil (cachaca). The quality of Agua Luca's sugar cane, when combined with its meticulous production process, imparts a lighter, cleaner taste and aroma than molasses-based rums.
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  • we85-89

Sooty/ash-like fragrances are underpinned by cane and creosote base aromas. The palate entry is zesty, semisweet, herbal and tar-like; the midpalate taste offers deeply herbal/vegetal flavors of vegetation, textile and light smoke. Ends up off-dry and piquant.

October 1, 2007