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Vincent Van Gogh Mojito Mint Vodka


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The spirit of Caribbean passion calls, with the only Mojito mint flavored vodka on the market today - and the smooth finish savored by Van Gogh Vodka lovers everywhere. This all natural, handmade spirit delivers the refreshing inspiration revered by artists for generations: the cultured taste of Old Havana, distilled masterfully into the highest rated flavored vodka in the world.
Category Flavored Vodka
Country Netherlands
Region Holland
Brand Vincent Van Gogh
Alcohol/vol 35%
  • we96-100

Wine EnthusiastThe spry mint aroma makes for fresh, invigorating, and stunningly vivid nosing. The palate entry is crisp, intensely minty, and sweet at the back end; the midpalate is semisweet peppermint with a hint of balancing citrus/lime. Ends up moderately fiery in the throat yet smooth and generous. So well-crafted that it squeaks with tightness.

March 1, 2007